Systematic Synthetic Phonics Online Training Course

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Systematic Synthetic Phonics Training Course

This course is divided into 14 ‘modules’. Each module is sub-divided into lessons, or ‘parts’. Each ‘part’ contains a video tutorial, printable notes/video slides, links to downloads, additional video, resources, research papers and further recommended reading. Each ‘lesson’ in Modules One to Twelve should be completed systematically and the ‘quiz’/progress check completed before the student proceeds to the next lesson/part. The ‘quiz’/progress check may be re-set and re-taken in order to achieve the required pass mark to proceed to the next lesson/part.

Module Thirteen describes the Phonics International programme and Module Fourteen describes the Oxford Reading Tree Floppy’s Phonics programme. These two Modules can be accessed at any time because course participants may need the information provided for their immediate teaching purposes.

At any point during the course, the student may click on the ‘Contact Lesson Teacher’ or ‘Contact Course Teacher’ button for email support.

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Following the successful completion of the course, the student may print out a ‘Certificate of Completion’.


Module One - The Systematic Synthetic Phonics Teaching Principles ‘SSP’


Module Five - Putting into practice the Simple View of Reading and ‘two-pronged systematic and incidental phonics teaching’


Module Six - The ‘Phonics Routines’ for modelling decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling-with-editing)


Module Seven - The complexities of the English alphabetic code based on the smallest sounds of speech


Module Nine - Phonological awareness, stages of development, phonics skills and resources for effective learning