Module Two: Downloads and Links

Links to Useful Documents

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Beginning Reading: Influences on Policy in the United States and England 1998 – 2010 by Beth Robins
(In her dissertation, Beth Robins notes that official developments in the United States and England have taken different routes.)

‘Can Dyslexia Be Artificially Induced in School? Yes, Says Researcher Edward Miller’ by Samuel L. Blumenfeld, March 1992

‘How Psychological Science Informs The Teaching of Reading’ Keith Rayner, Barbara R. Foreman, Charles A. Perfetti, David Petskey, and Mark S. Seidenberg (American Psychological Society, Vol 2, No. 2, November 2001)

Extracts from the Final Rose Report, March 2006’ selected by Debbie Hepplewhite

An Alphabetic Code chart for English with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

The Science of Learning: This invaluable, short, very readable, booklet has been developed by Deans for Impact ‘in close collaboration with’ Dan Willingham and Paul Bruno – a must read for any teacher-educator and teacher!