Module Three: Downloads and Links

Links to Useful Documents


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Phonics screening check evaluation Walker M., Bartlett S., Betts, H., Sainsbury M., Worth, J., – National Foundation for Educational Research (2014)
Technical Appendices for above

Longitudinal Study from Reception to Year 2 (2010-2013) and Summary of an earlier Longitudinal Study from Reception to Year 6 (1997-2004) Grant, M. (2014)

Validity and sensitivity of the phonics screening check: implications for practice Duff, F.J., Mengoni, S.E., Bailey, A.M., Snowling, M.J. (2014)

‘Article: Phonics for fun, for life chances and for life!’

‘Debbie’s response to questions raised at the Westminster Education Forum Seminar: Testing and assessment in Primary Schools – The way forward for the Year One Phonics Screening Check’

‘The Great Debate – is it time to ditch the Year One Screening Test? – Hepplewhite and Reedy (‘Teach Primary’ April 2013)

‘Debbie Hepplewhite’s response to specific issues raised by David Reedy (United Kingdom Literacy Association) re the Year One Screening Check’

‘Why the Year 1 phonics check must go’   TES opinion: Open letter to Michael Gove:
Response to this letter  – Jennifer Chew, Reading Reform Foundation

Where next for phonics? Debbie Hepplewhite looks at the progress, practice and problems of synthetic phonics teaching in schools (SEN Magazine, July 2014)

Responses to the statutory Year One phonics screening check in England according to media coverage – Debbie Hepplewhite (page 25, Learning Difficulties Australia bulletin, May 2014)

Arguments against the Y1 phonics check have been discredited Phonics International Message Forum