Module Seven: Downloads and Links

Links to Useful Documents

Dedicated message forum for this course – please visit and feel free to contribute.

Link to videos of Debbie ‘saying the sounds’.

Visit the website to hear Debbie ‘saying the sounds’ for ‘Can Do Cubes for Synthetic Phonics’ designed by Debbie in partnership with Michael Hughes of Can Do Education Limited.

‘Debbie Hepplewhite’s review of two ‘establishment’ phoneme charts’

Study the reviews above. Do you think that it is possible to provide a definitive phoneme chart with printed word examples?

Why is it possible, however, to find possible errors with phoneme charts or alphabetic code charts?

An Alphabetic Code Chart for English with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) – particularly useful for international students and teachers, and teachers of English as a second language (ESOL) who may be trained in phonetics but not necessarily systematic synthetic phonics

The English Alphabetic Code plus the Synthetic Phonics Teaching Principles (without pictures) – including the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols alongside the easy-to-use symbols

Mini Alphabetic Code Chart with Pictures

A Spanish Alphabetic Code Chart

‘Alternative Giant Charts (which may suit USA and Canadian Accents)’

[Please note: If you print this for your portfolio, print as ‘multiples per page’ (e.g. 2 per page or half size)]

More Tricky Words’ Posters 

[Please note: Print as ‘multiples per page’ 6 per page]