Module Nine: Downloads and Links

Links to Useful Documents


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Debbie’s Phonics Teaching Tips

Useful high frequency and tricky words MINI POSTERS (see the posters with ‘short vowel sounds’ and ‘long vowel sounds’; see the /k+s/ poster with multiple spelling alternatives – teachers need good subject knowledge to share it with learners)

‘In a Nutshell…’ a brief overview of the Phonics International Alphabetic Code and Teaching Principles

Debbie’s ‘Pronunciation Guide for English’ – does not include all the sounds in speech, but it gives a flavour of the complexities faced by people learning to read in the English language – and why teachers need to be very knowledgeable regarding how best to teach the alphabetic code and the phonics skills:

Debbie Hepplewhite’s Simple to Complex Alphabetic Code Overview with Detailed Teaching Points (plain)

Information Booklet for Teeny Reading Seeds by Rachel Hornsey and Debbie Hepplewhite – includes guidance for teachers, parents and carers of three to four year olds for incidental phonics provision prior to a systematic synthetic phonics programme

Video – 5 Top Tips to Support Incidental Phonics Teaching