Module Four: Downloads and Links

Links to Useful Documents


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UK: Independent Review of the Teaching of Early Reading Final Report, Jim Rose, March 2006

Clackmannanshire Research: Insight 17 – A seven year study of the effects of synthetic phonics teaching on reading and spelling attainment (Rhona S. Johnston and Joyce E. Watson, Scottish Executive Education Department, 2005)

Fact and Fiction about the Synthetic Phonics Study in Clackmannanshire (Rhona S. Johnston and Joyce E. Watson, Reading Reform Foundation Newsletter no. 59)

Department for Education (England): Phonics teaching materials: core criteria and the self-assessment process

Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics – Notes of Guidance for Practitioners and Teachers (DfES, 2007, now archived but majority of schools in England state that Letters and Sounds is their systematic synthetic phonics programme)

‘Two Solitudes: The three-cueing system is popular with teachers but researchers are barely aware of it’ by Marilyn Jager Adams (Organisation for Quality Education, Dec 2004)

Miscue Analysis: A Critique by Dr Kerry Hempenstall, Department of Psychology and Intellectual Disabilities (Education News, 2001)

The Simple View of Reading by Wesley A. Hoover and Philip B. Gough (Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal 2: 127 – 160, 1990)
[Note page 151 (half way down) and all of page 152 – the section on ‘Decoding’ where a description of phonics falls far short of modern day UK-based systematic synthetic phonics programmes, practice, teaching ambition and effectiveness.]

‘The Simple View of Reading Model’ and ‘The Simple View of Writing Model’ (for training, pupil profiles, planning and monitoring)

‘A Simple Explanation of the Roles of Phonics and Language Comprehension’

Phonics: Politics and Practice
Official guidance may have caused more problems for teaching reading than it’s solved, writes Debbie Hepplewhite (SEN Magazine, July 2015)